Canned Wine: All the Rage(r) or Overrated?

canned wine

Personally, I’m all for it.

Bottled wine can be a pain to take from place to place. This is both due to the ease in which glass can be broken (and scattered!), and the inconvenient need to come prepared with cups in order to drink it (bottle chugging is not classy).

Don’t even get me started on the necessity for a wine opener – without one, you’re screwed! But with the summer being characterized by carelessness and fun, wine lovers need to adapt their preferences, or at least their habits, to enjoy wine at a picnic, on the beach, or by the pool.

Before imparting judgment on any specific company or varietal, it’s important to note that drinking canned wines is a much different experience than drinking from a wine glass. Regardless of how you feel about it, there’s no getting around that slight metallic aftertaste.

Backpack Wine

Chicago-based Backpack Wine launched in September of 2016, so they’re new to the market, but a force to be reckoned with. Focusing on the most refreshing types of wine for summer, they stock a white and rose.

After trying both out, I would say that this canned wine is best suited for the type of person who doesn’t get snobby about wine. It’s good, but it’s nothing fancy. Backpack Wine’s Snappy White® hints at this fact, offering a white without designating the specific type of white. If you don’t know your Pinot Grigio from your Sauvignon Blanc, Backpack Wines will be perfect for your next outdoor extravaganza.

As a marketer, I’ve got to mention how much I love the branding and design of Backpack Wine. They’re just begging to be brought out and shown off.

If you’re an online shopper, you can breathe a sigh of relief. As this is now available to order online in 37 states on their online store, just don’t forget to look right here to see if there are any coupon codes available for this product.

Underwood Wine

canned wine 3

While Backpack Wine appeals to the casual wine enthusiast, Underwood Wine bills itself as the craft option in the canned wines category. Everything from their branding to their point of origin (Oregon) caters to a more specific type of person (I’ll say it, hipster).

Underwood has a total of 5 canned wines on the market, which can be ordered online, or found at your local liquor store (Binny’s usually stocks them).

  • Rosé Bubbles
  • The Bubbles
  • Pinot Noir
  • Rosé
  • Pinot Gris

The jury is still out as to whether red wine tastes decent in a can (I’m biased, as I’m more of a fan of white). Luckily, you won’t have to find out if you don’t want to, as there are so many different white and rose varietals.

The cans look nothing like a beer can, and a lot like a soda can, but I’ll leave the implications of that to your own imagination. 😉

Trader Joe’s Canned Wine

canned wine

Trader Joe’s canned wine is the newest product on the scene (at least as of this writing!). With a level of sophistication comparable to TJ’s other branded booze line, Charles Shaw (affectionately known as “Two Buck Chuck”), you shouldn’t expect the type of drink you’d offer guests at a fancy dinner party. But not every day requires fancy wine, and Trader Joes’ canned wine is perfect for any type of occasion.

At $4 for four cans, the price most certainly, is right. Trader Joes offers two varietals: a white and rose that would make for the perfect booze to bring to your next event. Even if you don’t finish them, at $1/pop, you won’t feel bad about leaving extras behind.

Canned Wines: All the Rage or Overrated?

Whether you’re going out, or staying in, canned wines are the perfect beverage to enjoy on a summertime day. With so many options on the market, this rapidly expanding market has an option for any taste or occasion.

What’s your favorite brand of canned wines? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Sources: Backpack Wine, Union Wine Co., Trader Joes

By Maddy Osman

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