Bruz Beers’ First Inaugural Denver Belgian Brew Fest

Bruz Beers' First Inaugural Denver Belgian Brew Fest

Anyone who knows anything about Denver knows that it’s a craft beer capital in the United States. For the uninitiated, craft beers combined with 5280 feet of altitude can mean a swift end to your day and a cab ride home, but for the experienced aficionado, it’s just another day in the Mile High City.

Bruz Beers' First Inaugural Denver Belgian Brew Fest 3

If you can handle your booze, you should consider checking out Bruz Beers’ first inaugural Denver Belgian Brew Fest. To be clear, the beers are belgian style, but brewed right here in Denver.  If you’re not familiar (you’re missing out!), Belgian style beers tend to be ales (not lagers), that have a heavy focus on malts and lots of fruity yeast flavors. In other words, a style both myself and my boyfriend can enjoy without having to compromise for each other.

Bruz Beers' First Inaugural Denver Belgian Brew Fest 3

Participating breweries at Bruz Beers’ Belgian Brew Fest include:

I could drink beer all day and be entertained by the calamities that ensue, but that’s not all the Belgian Brew Fest has to offer patrons. In addition to UNLIMITED four ounce pours from 10 excellent Denver breweries, you’ll also be treated to the musical stylings of Velvet Compass and The Goonies. And fear not – 4 tasty food trucks will be in attendance so you can chase heavy drinking with heavy eating:

Can you think of a better end to the work week?

Bruz Beers' First Inaugural Denver Belgian Brew Fest 3

If you’re seriously a trooper, your Belgian Brew Fest wristband gets you happy hour pricing in Bruz Beers’ taproom once the festivities are over.

Belgian Brew Fest 2017 happens Saturday, April 29, from 1-5pm. Tickets are $48 (purchase in advance on Eventbrite) and grant you access to everything you need for an awesome Saturday in Denver.

Bruz Beers' First Inaugural Denver Belgian Brew Fest 3

Will you be attending Belgian Brew Fest this year? Let me know in the comments below, and look for a drunk girl snapping pictures for Instagram – that could be me (or any other girl at the festival).

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