Former CTA Graphic Artist Shames CTA with His Own Way More Brutally Honest Ad Campaign and It’s all 100% the Truth

Hello heathens, my name is The Blind Nihilist. I write for an arguably satirical blog that I created, which is also named The Blind Nihilist. I’m not big into self-promotion, but you can find it here.

Something else you might not know about me is that I’m a fantastic graphic designer and used to work for the Chicago Transit Authority. This is all true. Many of you may have heard of the CTA’s new ad campaign to get passengers’ behavior back on track, and believe it or not, I was one of the advertisement executives on the project. Before I got fired, I came up with plenty of my own posters ideas, which the head of the CTA said would never see the light of day. Again, this is all 100% accurate. Anyway I would like to share some of the designs with you guys on this blog. Since the ad campaign they stole from me is starting to go viral, I want people to know how big a part I played in all of this. Again, you can find more information about me here. Anyway, here are my contributions to the CTA’s new ad campaign.

*****Please make note of the fact that none of the views of the aforementioned images and/or words are representative viewpoints or opinions of the Chicago Cheap Ass blog, nor are they really the views or opinions of the author, and nobody should be subjected to reading and/or viewing them.













Now tell me again how “manspreading” and “eating on the train” are problems.

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