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There’s a soft spot in my heart for Rush Order Tees, because they were one of my first clients when I made the move to freelance full-time, and are still one of my favorite clients today. Their blog is full of both fun and inspirational goodies that span all kinds of unique interests. There’s really something for anyone’s taste, and they have a lot of resources and support for custom t-shirt printing.

Working with Rush Order Tees has introduced me to custom t-shirt printing that is a cut above the rest.

Why you should get all your custom t-shirt printing at Rush Order Tees

Quick Turnaround

After all, it’s not called “Rush Order Tees” because it takes weeks to get the t-shirts you ordered! Oh no, Rush Order Tees prides itself on getting you product when you need it. If you can afford to wait, your shipping is free for printed and embroidered wear. If you need it in 2 days, that’s not a problem – Rush Order Tees can deliver. If you have any questions or special circumstances, they’re very responsive on their live chat.

High & Low volume Orders

Whether you need shirts for a team of hundreds, or even just one singular custom t-shirt, Rush Order Tees can accommodate. No need to spend a lot of money on a one-off project. Besides screen printing and embroidery, they offer a whole portfolio of custom t-shirt services.

Design Resources

Overall, Rush Order Tees’ t-shirt selection and design process is very simple and intuitive:

  1. Choose a product and color
  2. Add your own images or choose from clipart
  3. Add text
  4. Customize with individual names and numbers (ex/a sports team) for an additional cost

Remember those blog posts I was talking about? They’re full of detailed advice for designing shirts for volunteer events, sports teams, corporate functions, and so much more. Besides blog content, Rush Order Tees allows you to consult with a screen printing professional for free via their live chat.

Rush Order Tees also thoroughly reviews each order before printing and looks for common design issues including, but not limited to:

  • Pixelation
  • Placement and Centering
  • Removing background images
  • Color changes
  • Adjusting sizes between youth and adult apparel
  • Ink color contrast

Between Rush Order Tee’s resources during and after the design process, there’s no reason you’ll end up with a design you’re not in love with.

Fundraiser Support

Fundraising by selling products can be a nightmare. But, if you’re using custom t-shirts to raise money for a cause, Rush Order Tees can help you handle all of the small details. Their fundraising platform spreadspirit allows you to create a t-shirt and public page to share, then collects payment and order information for large groups and handles fulfillment and shipping. No sweat necessary.

There are other custom t-shirt printing companies that may be able to do things cheaper, but they are unlikely to achieve the same quality, especially in a rush. Rush Order Tees wins by being a company that always has their customer’s back.

Do you have an upcoming custom t-shirt printing projects? Go to Rush Order Tees to start the design process.

And share the details of your project in the comments if you’d like some help coming up with ideas to make them pop!

By Maddy Osman

Maddy is the founder of Chicago Cheap Ass. She loves to read, travel, cook, and play with her adorable dog Leonidas.

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