Henry’s Swing Club Gave Me Free Food When I Wrote a Haiku about Balls

My love obsession with DMK’s Restaurants started almost a year ago.

Henry's Swing Club
Best friends “sorta” marathon together.

Right before the Chicago Marathon, DMK started their own “sorta” marathon to capitalize on the buzz and to advertise the opening of their new location – Henry’s Swing Club. The “sorta” marathon started at DMK’s original location, DMK Burger Bar in Lakeview. The idea was that you would run (or walk- your prerogative) to Henry’s Swing Club – about 4 miles in total. It was $10 to register, they gave us some awesome hamburger/Chicago flag tshirts, and all you can drink beer when you got to the final location. Oh, and the bibs had hilarious nicknames instead of numbers. A handful of my friends participated and we had a great time at the finish line.

Henry's Swing Club
Chicago Flag/Burger mashup Tshirt

Fast forward to April. I’ve kept up with DMK because I love their creativity and promotions. I noticed they were having a contest with unique prizes for each location in honor of National Haiku Day. Have you ever noticed how there’s something new to celebrate everyday of the year? It’s a little exhausting. But haikus are easy to write, and I had a great idea. For it to make sense, I just need to explain one thing. At the bottom of the menu of craft cocktails and sliders is an interesting entry. “-$2 testicles.” Yes, Henry’s Swing Club will dock $2 from your bill if you eat their balls. They rotate testicles from different animals as a daily special, so you never know what you’re going to get!

Henry's Swing Club
Food Menu at Henry’s Swing Club… notice the balls at the bottom.

Without further ado, the winning haiku:

lil DMK burgs
River North just got better.
Get paid to eat balls

Truly inspired, I know.

There were actually three chosen to go into the final round. I rallied my friends to get votes, but honestly mine was just the best in general. 😉

Now for the fun part. My winnings –

5 sliders
7 cocktails
5 giant pretzels

Just like a haiku!

I decided to take my boyfriend for a date night since he bugged his friends and family just as much as I bugged mine for votes to win.

Henry's Swing Club
Sliders and a giant pretzel at Henry’s Swing Club

The staff at Henry’s Swing Club hooked it up and treated us well. We tried a cocktail from almost every section of the cocktail menu. And tried a lot of interesting sliders. We still have some big pretzels to redeem the next time we come back! Not to mention my boyfriend still has to complete the ball-eating challenge. 🙂

Henry’s Swing Club is a wonderful fresh face in River North. You can chow down and get drunk on classy cocktails without breaking the bank. Definitely has the Chicago Cheap Ass seal of approval!

By Maddy Osman

Maddy is the founder of Chicago Cheap Ass. She loves to read, travel, cook, and play with her adorable dog Leonidas.

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