Target Beauty Box: A Subscription Box Review

You can find a subscription box for almost anything – pets, alcohol, kids, food… and beauty. Subscription boxes have become my favorite way to discover new products. They also offer an incredible value – at least the reputable ones do. For a low monthly recurring payment, you get products curated by experts for less than… Continue reading Target Beauty Box: A Subscription Box Review

Why You Should Use e.l.f. Cosmetics

Hopefully, by now you’ve heard of e.l.f. Cosmetics.  A few years ago a wise friend let me in on the secret of this great makeup brand that could completely revamp your goods for less than a Sunday brunch.   E.l.f Cosmetics price point is likely it’s largest draw for the quality of product selling primarily at… Continue reading Why You Should Use e.l.f. Cosmetics

Faux Tanning For Dummies

For the last two months I’ve sacrificed my body to test multiple faux tanning products. I received many odd looks at my streaky skin and several comments from friends about my inconsistent skin color. It was all worth it to find the most effective faux tanning solution for any time of year. With my fair… Continue reading Faux Tanning For Dummies

Guide: Sunscreen for Every Occasion this Summer

When it comes to summer, there’s one golden rule of thumb – bottom line, always wear sunscreen. After burning one too many times, I’ve become a big advocate of sunscreen and faux tanning methods. Everyone’s skin tone is different: I have extremely sensitive and fair skin. Your level of protection will vary, but always use… Continue reading Guide: Sunscreen for Every Occasion this Summer

4th of July Beauty Essentials

Independence Day should be all about freedom. Freedom from work, responsibilities and worries.This holiday should be spent in a pool, on a beach or floating in a lake. Keep your beauty and skin routine as simple as your weekend. Here are my Fourth of July essentials: Neutrogena Sport Face Spf 70 ($7)  Full sun, partly… Continue reading 4th of July Beauty Essentials

Chicago Beauty #Basics: Do’s and Don’ts.

Don’t, in fact never, go to bed without finishing your makeup routine no matter how tired you are – take off your makeup! Don’t whiten your teeth the same day as a big night out; chances are you will drink wine… or whiskey. Don’t skimp out on razors. If a men’s razor is good enough for… Continue reading Chicago Beauty #Basics: Do’s and Don’ts.

Chicago Beauty: Haircare Basics

A wise person once told me that you should treat your hair as delicate as your skin. The sun damages and dries while the vapid Chicago winds dry it out. It’s important to have different Chicago-related beauty routines, especially where your hair is concerned. Contrary to popular belief, It does matter what type of shampoo, conditioner… Continue reading Chicago Beauty: Haircare Basics

Basic Skincare for Chicago Weather

Please join me in welcoming our newest blogger – Mallory LePage! She’s seriously fabulous and is an early adopter when it comes to trying beauty products. If you have any questions or products you’d like her to review, please let her know in the comments! — We all get suckered into trends and new skin products that are… Continue reading Basic Skincare for Chicago Weather