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Free Bestselling eBooks

No, you didn’t read that wrong.

Yes, you can get bestselling eBooks for free – no strings attached.


First thing’s first – get a library card.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to your closest Chicago Public Library location
  2. Bring the documents required for obtaining your library card. You will need a valid photo ID with Chicago address. If you don’t have that, you can bring two ID documents – one must include your name and Chicago address, and the other must include your name and photo. Examples and more information can be found on the Chicago Public Library’s website.
  3. Log into your Chicago Public Library account on Overdrive!

While you may not find every eBook on your Amazon Wish List, you will find many of them in the library’s growing collection. Your best bet is to put your favorites (up to 5) on hold and the rest on reserve in a wish list.

If you can’t find your desired eBook for free, why not buy it at a discount of 70% off or more? is a website that checks Amazon’s Kindle eBook deals on a daily basis and reports back the best of the best. Sign up for daily email alerts so you don’t have to put any effort forth to find the best deals.

Project Gutenberg is another awesome eBook source for out-of-copyright classics.

I know, I know – It can be annoying to read eBooks on a small phone screen. But think of all the reading opportunities you can take advantage of in your everyday life. From passing time on public transportation to waiting in a long line or for an appointment, you can easily finish a book in a week with all that idle time.

Knowledge is power! And free eBooks on-demand are awesome.