Trunk Club: Not Just for Men

As we get older and transition into seemingly adults our money is spent wiser. Recently, I experienced the launch of Trunk Club Women in Chicago. Before you snarl at the idea of paying for a personal stylist, I invite you to understand the concept and ease of Trunk Club.

Trunk Club requires no minimum spend, no membership and no stylist fees. If you’re in Chicago you can go to Trunk Club Headquarters in River North on Ohio and Orleans (325 West Ohio St). There is an open bar with liquid libations and witty conversation. Don’t mind the gorgeous men and beautiful women both styling and buying. The men’s floor is below the women’s near the main bar which makes for optimum people watching. Both floors have a distinct look and feel for the genders. Fitting room areas have been thoughtfully curated by the designers featured at Trunk Club with the most stunning interior decor that will entice you to buy the furniture before you even try on a piece of clothing.

Trunk Club

Prior to your first appointment your personal stylist will have you fill out a short questionnaire about your size, style and preferences. There are no wrong answers, it helps your stylist understand what you’re looking for, what you’re comfortable with and reversely what you’re uncomfortable with, too.

If you’re not in Chicago that’s no problem! You will go through the same process and survey which your stylist with carefully review and curate your trunk. Trunks ship at no charge and under no obligation are you required to keep any minimum amount of items.

Trunk Club is fully equipped with separates, dresses, jackets, denim, vests, shoes, etc.

Trunk Club

Book your appoint today or inquire about a trunk by sending an email to:

By Mallory Lepage

After living in several of the greatest cities in the country, I made Chicago home a short three years ago. Chicago is the perfect hybrid of the Midwest relaxed mentality and chaotic city life that allows me to enjoy so much it has to offer. I’m equal parts tom boy and glam girl, I love watching sports (Go Green!) just as much as I enjoy taking hours to get ready for a night out on the town with my girlfriends.

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