Why I switched from Apple for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2


I recently had the opportunity to test out the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 for a month as part of an ongoing partnership with Verizon.

Before receiving the tablet, I would’ve never guessed that a piece of Android technology could have converted me from it’s Apple counterpart – but it did.

Let’s talk about why, from now on, I’ll be recommending the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 to everyone I know in search of a tablet.

Look and Feel

First and importantly, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has a very similar look and feel to Apple’s iPad models. Sure, there are subtle differences, but the basic experience of holding the tablet in your hand and interacting with the applications installed on it are very familiar to someone who’s been using Apple products up until now. I’m sure that was a strategic move on Samsung’s part, and I appreciate it.

I also appreciate that it’s super thin and light – perfect for slipping into a purse without noticing any extra weight.

The reason I don’t like Android phones as much as my iPhone is because they lend easily to having a messy interface. There are almost too many customization options, and people get creative to the point of hideousness.

The iPhone offers far fewer customization options, and I like that about it. Just as in art, sometimes having a structure or limited options leads to far better results.


One way that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 outperforms Apple iPads is in battery life. I was extremely impressed by how long the battery lasted without needing to be charged – especially when I was using it as a mobile hotspot, but also how long it lasted while resting.

Usually, this would mean a battery that dies in mere hours (or less), but the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 lasted me closer to 10 hours, even with heavy use.

The implication here is that this device is perfect for entertainment or business – you can easily bring it on a trip and have plenty to do without worrying that it’ll die on you. And it charges at a very reasonable speed so you don’t have to wait long for it to be ready for more!

The only caveat is if you’re charging the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 using the cord without the original plug (like plugging it directly into your computer to charge, or in a car charger). It charges as slow as death, so try to charge it completely before leaving home.

I also had some issues with the plug being loose when plugged in to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 – if it didn’t sit right, it wouldn’t charge. That may have been a defect of the model I tested, but it’s worth noting regardless.

Another feature I liked about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 was the ability to multitask. This is something that Apple has more recently integrated into the iPhone and iPad iOS. It’d be interesting to know which side of mobile technology integrated this feature first – let me know in the comments if you have any insight!


One of my favorite fun features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab was the ability to take 360 degree photos. You basically start recording and move your tablet around an object or area, and it spits out a photo you can manipulate on the tablet. I’m not sure how most people could get use out of this, but it’s fun nonetheless.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab isn’t cheap, but it’s also not as expensive as an Apple iPad when you add in the costs of getting anything over the base model. Verizon charges $24.99/mo for 24 months, but there’s also a nice deal on the Samsung website if you want to buy it outright instead of on a payment plan. Screen sizes are 9.7 and 8 inches.

When it was time to send this tablet back to Verizon, I was very sad to see it go. I’m probably not the type of person who needs a tablet in their life, but I got a LOT of use out of it: catching up on my favorite blogs on the go, completing an online video course I had recently purchased, and Netflixing in bed when I was feeling like lounging.

If I were to buy a tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is the one I’d get, without a doubt. I always had a great experience when using it for whatever I needed at the time.
Have you had a chance to play with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2? What do you think? Or is there another tablet you’re in love with? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

By Maddy Osman

Maddy is the founder of Chicago Cheap Ass. She loves to read, travel, cook, and play with her adorable dog Leonidas.

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