Why You Should Eat Purely (I Did)

Why You Should Eat Purely (I Did)


It was a cold, rainy day in Chicago when I received an email that simply read, ‘Don’t go out in the cold tonight – dinner is on us’ from Eat Purely.

Immediately I assumed there was a catch but there wasn’t one at all, like a good first date they just wanted to treat me to dinner.  A complimentary organic, fresh to order dinner delivered to my door as I fought the wind and cold to get home.

Why You Should Eat Purely (I Did)

The dinner was perfectly balanced and filling.  I chose the Venetian Chicken which had tender, juicy white meat chicken atop a bed of polenta surrounded by roasted tomatoes and a light relish. There was a light but flavorful sauce to accompany the dish before cooking and one again after topped with crispy prosciutto.

As if the dinner itself wasn’t good enough the complete process was so simple, right down to the container that is both microwaveable and oven safe (it’s all about the details!).  Dinner was delivered promptly with a handwritten note from founder Julia, and a chocolate treat with walnuts and some heat for dessert.

Why You Should Eat Purely (I Did)

Typically, I’m hesitant with made to order meals, but Eat Purely is honestly carry out’s biggest nightmare. It’s affordable, healthy and filling, with only the best quality ingredients. Options change on a daily basis, so check the app regularly to see what Eat Purely’s chefs have cooked up.

When you’re exhausted from a long day or want a quick meal without all the effort of cooking this will absolutely not break the bank and be scheduled to be delivered on your terms.

Eat Purely promises a delivery in just 20 minutes – GrubHub and Postmates don’t even get close to that delivery window. You have the option to order on demand or schedule a delivery – whatever suits your schedule and availability.

Here’s Eat Purely’s delivery area, with plans to expand as the service gains more popularity:

Try it, and enjoy $20 with the code PURELYCHICAGO.  No strings attached, just dinner on me.

Why You Should Eat Purely (I Did)

Have you tried Eat Purely yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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