Your Black Friday Plan of Attack


As a shopper who’s always trying to get the best deal, Black Friday is one of my favorite shopping events of the year. In case you’re wondering, NO, I do not line up in front of stores for hours or days… I enjoy a nice Thanksgiving feast with my family and purposely keep my drinking low.

I’ve successfully shopped many Black Fridays, and want to share my Black Friday plan of attack with you. As an added bonus, I’ve included some of the best deals I’ve found for this year!

There are three stores I always go to:

  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • Target

Since arguably the best deals on Black Friday relate back to electronics, you’d be wise to start your adventure at one of these stores. Target and Walmart have the added benefit of low prices on many other goods made exceptionally lower for Black Friday. Big box stores are best bets if you’re shopping for a lot of different people or in a lot of different categories.

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I’d suggest starting your Black Friday experience with Walmart. For the past couple of years, they allow you to go in the store and fill up your cart, even before Black Friday pricing is valid. So stay warm and stock up. Honestly if you don’t have too many specifics, your Black Friday shopping could start and end here.

But Walmart doesn’t have everything. And I’m sure you’ve got a huge list to shop for. Here are some of the best deals this year from my top 3 Black Friday stores:


  • Fitbit Flex: $59
  • Fitbit Charge: $119
  • Roku: $25

Best Buy

  • Amazon Fire: $35


  • $350 Apple Watch with $100 Target gift card
  • Fitbit Charge: $119
  • Free Target gift card with the purchase of an iPad
  • Guitar Hero Live: $59
  • 40% off all apparel and accessories

If you have a Target debit card or credit card, you’ll save an additional 5%!

[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@MaddyOsman”]On #BlackFriday, If you have a Target debit card or credit card, you’ll save an additional 5%![/tweetthis]

Browse the ads for all the stores you’re interesting, make a list of what you want, and make a plan of attack with these things in mind:

Your Black Friday 2015 Plan of Attack

  • Shop with a team. The lines will be long, so position one person in line, and the other can be a “runner,” going through both of your lists and getting the items you want.
  • Utilize friends in different stores. If you’re going after big ticket items, you can probably only personally set your sights on one. But if you work with friends in other stores, you can help each other get what you want.
  • Be patient. Some stores do require lines and there will definitely be a lot of waiting for checkout. But the deals will be worth it!
  • Don’t get too drunk on Thanksgiving. Otherwise, shopping is going to be super painful.
  • Don’t forget to shop for yourself! Stock up on products you can use all year round. I personally focus on new kitchen stuff (TONS of great deals on Black Friday) or computer accessories (external hard drive, HDMI cords, you get the idea).
    [tweetthis twitter_handles=”@MaddyOsman”]On #BlackFriday, Stock up on products you can use all year round![/tweetthis]
  • Are you a movie buff? Best Buy, Target and Walmart have the best deals of the year. Tons of titles, seasons, etc.
  • Don’t feel like braving the stores? Amazon’s got your back with many similar deals. And plenty of online retailers will feature Cyber Monday specials.
  • Clothing stores tend to give scratch off cards. Savings aren’t always guaranteed, but can be REALLY good. Just know you basically won’t be able to try anything on.
  • Dress warm but comfortable. Layers are your friend.
  • An energy drink or coffee is a must, with a snack. If you’re serious about Black Friday shopping, you’ll be out for hours. It’s not easy to stay awake when you’ve got a belly full of turkey!

What tips would you add to this list? Share in the comments so we can all make a better Black Friday plan of attack!

By Maddy Osman

Maddy is the founder of Chicago Cheap Ass. She loves to read, travel, cook, and play with her adorable dog Leonidas.

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