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#CheapWeek: Krewella, UberEats, and a Cubs Game

#CheapWeek: Krewella, UberEats, and a Cubs Game

5/11 – Cosi and Geja’s Cafe

#CheapWeek: Krewella, UberEats, and a Cubs Game

If you read last week’s #CheapWeek, You’ll know that I’ve been systematically trying the best salads the Loop has to offer for a future post. Today I went to Cosi and had their Baja salad for free! Blogging definitely has it’s perks. They sent me a few extra free entree cards, so I’ll be back soon!

#CheapWeek: Krewella, UberEats, and a Cubs Game

Today was a great day for food. Beatrix had a text offer for BOGO cookies. These things are as big as my hand (and way more delicious).

I’ve had my eye on this set of pantry organizers for awhile. They’re $100 for a set of 10 different sized containers, and I was just waiting for a good reason to pull the trigger. Even Amazon couldn’t offer a better price. Then I thought outside of the box… They have these organizers at Bed Bath & Beyond, and Bed Bath & Beyond always has 20% off coupons. Score! The moral of the story, if you’ve got your eye on a product that never goes on sale, find a place that has non-exclusionary sales.

#CheapWeek: Krewella, UberEats, and a Cubs Game

I owed my boyfriend a nice dinner out and it just so happened that a Groupon I bought for Geja’s Cafe was about to expire. After he took me to RPM Italian last week, it was only fair that I should return the favor with a romantic date night experience. The restauranteur behind Geja’s Cafe came into Groupon while I still worked there, and I was inspired by his passion for the restaurant. Anyways, we had a blast. The food was incredible. I’ve never been to a fondue restaurant before so it was a treat. The Groupon covered $65 worth of the food, and Spring Rewards kicked me back an additional $15. It would’ve been quite expensive, but careful planning made it less so.

5/12 – Postmates Panera Deal and Cemitas Puebla from DoorDash

#CheapWeek: Krewella, UberEats, and a Cubs Game

Postmates has awesome freebie deals all the time, I’m guessing, as an attempt to raise awareness for the brand and acquire new users. This week, they offered free Panera “You Pick 2” and I happen to have a lot of free delivery credits available. Lunch never tastes as good as when it’s free.

#CheapWeek: Krewella, UberEats, and a Cubs Game

I was not feeling awesome today, and was lazier than usual, so I decided to pull the trigger on checking out DoorDash. GiltCity frequently has free offers to try new companies, and I managed to score $15 off. DoorDash apparently also gives you a free $5 credit on your first order. So I got a cemita from Cemitas Puebla and some kick-ass guacamole and chips with delivery for free! My delivery guy was a little late (though nothing ridiculous), so they proactively credited my account with another $10. Great customer service, all around – I will use it again.

5/13 – Free Ubereats from DMK and Sopraffina

#CheapWeek: Krewella, UberEats, and a Cubs Game

This week was one of the best weeks for free food to date. I hope you have an account with Uber, because they’ve been sending out free promo codes for their new service, UberEats. If you haven’t heard about it yet, basically, Uber curates a menu each week with selected items from a couple restaurants each day. You might have read about how much I love DMK Restaurants – so I used my free promo on a patty melt they offered this week. Also a turkey sandwich from Sopraffina. Just paid $5 after saving $20!

5/14 – Krewella concert!

#CheapWeek: Krewella, UberEats, and a Cubs Game

So every once in awhile, something truly amazing happens. This time, it was Krewella coming to Chicago for a free show, sponsored by Pandora. But that’s not all. There was a FREE OPEN BAR. And, we left the show with a free portable phone charger. Yes, there are miracles.

Also worth noting is my second blog post for Choose Chicago went live today. Check it out of you want an in-depth look at Wine Festivals coming to Chicago this summer.

5/15 – Rest

I spent today recovering from the craziness from the rest of the week. Nothing terribly exciting happened, but it was a much needed break.

5/16 – Cubs Game

#CheapWeek: Krewella, UberEats, and a Cubs Game

One of my best friends from college came to Chicago to visit this weekend, and wanted to check out a Cubs game. It was the first one I attended of the season, and I was trying to find the best price for tickets. I ended up waiting until the last minute, when what I should’ve done was wait until a day or two before. Tickets costed $35 where I could’ve got them for $20. Oh well, live and learn. My sources tell me that since school is out, tickets will be harder to get at great prices closer to the game, so plan accordingly!

5/17 – iO Theater

#CheapWeek: Krewella, UberEats, and a Cubs Game

My beautiful best friend is making her way up in the modeling/acting/improv world and I was privileged to see her in her element. I went to see her student show at iO Theater, and it was only $5 for multiple acts of student talent. Check it out! They have good food and drink to complement the comedy.

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Chicago Transportation

There are so many different transportation options for getting from point a to point b in Chicago. It’s important to weigh what’s most important to you for different situations – time required or cost. The rise of on-demand transportation has made it more cost-effective to get places quickly, so I’ll summarize the differences between options.

Uber Logo

Uber. Most Chicagoans have a love/hate relationship with Uber. We hate Uber when we have somewhere to be, or just want to go home, only to find that Uber has jacked up their pricing to an insane amount ($60 minimum to go half a mile? No thank you). We hate it so much that someone even made an app to find locations that help avoid the surge pricing. On the flip side, Uber is always the quickest to pick me up and very cost-effective when not on the surge.

Promo code: je0tr for $10-30 off first ride (depending on current promotion)

Lyft Logo

Lyft. Lyft is Uber’s unpopular little brother. I have found that there are never as many Lyft rides available as there are Uber rides. However, unlike Uber, Lyft rarely initiates surge pricing, so it’s a good alternative on days you know you’ll be paying double or more on Uber (think: any major holiday or event that involves drinking).

Promo codeMADDY360 for $20 towards first ride

Curb Logo

Curb. Previously known as TaxiMagic, Curb is an on-demand service for catching a Cab. This will, on average, cost more than Uber, HOWEVER, they will never have surge pricing. Since Curb operates through a large network of cabs, you have a good shot of catching one during a crazy event or holiday.

Promo code: A09F86 for $10 towards first ride

Sidecar Logo

Sidecar. Sidecar is an interesting spin on the aforementioned on-demand transportation solutions. There are two important differences that make this option pretty awesome:

  1. Drivers “bid” on a ride based on the distance, so a person can see how much it will cost with different drivers before booking it
  2. Shared rides are often available where a person literally shares a ride with someone else heading their direction – could cost as little as $3

A caveat – Sidecar is not as well-known or widely used as any of the other apps previously mentioned. On average, it will take longer to be picked up. Sharing is caring! Spread the word so more people use it and transportation options increase in Chicago.

Promo code: MADDY59 for $20 worth of credit

Divvy Logo

Divvy. For those not in the know (or perhaps blind, as the flashy Divvy hubs are on practically every block on busy Chicago streets), Divvy is a bike sharing service that has recently taken the city by storm. Sometimes it makes more sense than riding your own bike when a person needs a one-way transportation option to a relatively close place. Divvy costs about $75 annually, but a lot of Chicago employers will cover some of the cost (just ask). Additionally, Divvy runs specific promotions on the regular, so if you can afford to wait, be patient and stake out the best price.

CTA Logo

CTA. You can’t live in Chicago and not use the CTA. There’s almost always an efficient way to get from point a to point by using a mix of trains and buses. For $2.25 a ride (or $100 unlimited each month), it’s definitely cheaper than any on-demand transportation. If  you decided to sell your old car, a car removal company will pay and remove your car on the same day!

The best thing you can do is make a plan ahead of time so you don’t end up wasting money at the last minute.

Any awesome transportation solutions I missed? Sound off in the comments.